CI-4 heavy truck special oil

·This product has passed the API CI-4 certification of the American Petroleum Institute;

·This product is made of deeply refined base oil and imported high-efficiency multi-functional composite additives.

·The innovative formula is used to give the product comprehensive and excellent performance, which can meet various lubrication and protection requirements of engines under different working conditions, and is especially suitable for long-distance transportation by fleets.

·Improved soot control and acid neutralization capabilities, reducing the accumulation of carbon deposits on piston rings, reducing corrosion, and extending engine life.

·Adopt green cleaning formula, green and low fuel consumption, dual-effect vehicle protection new antioxidant formula, long-lasting cleaning to reduce fuel consumption, adding organic formula, low-temperature anti-wear upgrade to reduce fuel consumption, hinder the formation of deposits, and alleviate mechanical oil burning, etc. Features: It is an anti-extreme pressure lubricant developed according to the engine horsepower range.

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Product Details

Meet certification: product performance meets: Cummins CES 20078, Volvo VDS-3.

Quality grade: APICI-4 ACEA E7 Viscosity grade: 10W-30 15W-40 20W-50 Implementation standard: GB 11122-2006 Packaging form: 4L 18L

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