Car accessories are parts or equipment used in the repair and replacement of automobile parts

2023/06/19 18:43

Car accessories are parts or equipment used in the repair and replacement of automobile parts. They play a vital role in the repair and maintenance process of automobiles, and can fix malfunctions, improve performance, enhance safety and increase driving comfort.

Common car parts include brake system parts (e.g. brake discs, brake pads, brake fluid, brake discs, etc.), engine parts (e.g. spark plugs, air filters, oil filters, crankshafts, etc.), suspension parts (e.g. shock absorbers, suspension springs, steering knuckles, etc.), electrical system parts (e.g. batteries, electric motors, ignition switches, etc.), as well as transmission system parts (e.g. clutches, transmissions, driveshafts, etc.) and so on.

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The automotive parts market typically consists of two segments: original equipment parts (OEM) and automotive aftermarket parts (AM), which are original parts produced and supplied directly by automobile manufacturers and have the same quality and performance as the original automobile parts. AM parts, on the other hand, are produced and supplied by a third party and are usually priced more competitively than OEM parts, but the quality and performance may vary.

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With the development of the automobile industry, car accessories are also constantly innovated and improved. For example, some accessories have adopted more advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to improve durability and performance. Meanwhile, with the rise of electric vehicles and intelligent technologies, new types of car accessories are emerging to meet the requirements of different models and needs.

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