Composite Yarn Clutch Facing LH018-2


  1. Stable friction performance: Composite yarn seize facings grant secure friction performance, making sure easy and dependable snatch engagement. They provide wonderful torque transmission and decrease slipping or stuttering throughout snatch engagement.

  2. Reduced noise and vibration: The shape of composite yarn snatch facings helps dampen noise and minimize vibration for the duration of take hold of operation, ensuing in elevated riding comfort.

  3. Good heat resistance: The materials used in composite yarn clutch facings have excellent heat resistance properties, allowing them to withstand high temperatures without softening or degrading. This ensures consistent performance even under extreme operating conditions.

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Product Details

Product Description

Composite yarn clutch faces are clutch faces made from composite yarn materials. Composite yarn clutch facings are generally considered more environmentally friendly than traditional asbestos clutch facings. It contains no harmful substances, has low toxicity and is safer to use and dispose of. Overall, composite threaded clutch facings offer excellent performance, durability and reliability, making them suitable for a variety of automotive and industrial machinery applications.

Composite Yarn Clutch Facing LH018-2 Composite Yarn Clutch Facing LH018-2 Composite Yarn Clutch Facing LH018-2

Product Properties


12 Months

Place of Origin

Shandong, China






0.7 kg




Qingdao Port


100% Tested

Packaging and shipping

In order to better protect the safety of your goods, we will provide professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services.

Composite Yarn Clutch Facing LH018-2 Composite Yarn Clutch Facing LH018-2

Product application

1. Automobile clutch: Clutches are widely used in automobile clutch systems. Exhibits efficient friction performance, ensuring stable clutch operation and reliable power transmission.

2.Industrial machinery: suitable for coupling systems of various industrial machinery and equipment. Can handle high torques and loads, ensuring consistent clutch performance and durability.

3.Motorcycle clutch: The friction and wear of the motorcycle clutch will increase, but the clutch surface made of composite yarn can provide the necessary durability and reliable clutch performance.

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